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2015 Feb 14th issue (Series 7 of 7)             reference: SingTao Saturday Magazine

What Remains is Not just Thoughts/Memories


2015 Feb 7th issue (Series 6 of 7)             reference: SingTao Saturday Magazine

Allowing Others to See the Pain


2015 Jan 31st issue (Series 5 of 7)             reference: SingTao Saturday Magazine

To Commemorate that Paths have Once Crossed


2015 Jan 24th issue (Series 4 of 7)             reference: SingTao Saturday Magazine

Have Gone Through Wind and Rain


2015 Jan 17th issue (Series 3 of 7)             reference: SingTao Saturday Magazine

Interweaving Me and My Dreams

Caption: Anita was in the movie industry for 18 years, with great contribution, making her a precious gem in Hong Kong movies.

Andy Lau and Anita were good friends and have created some spectacular interactions when they appear together in movies.

Whether they are movies of historical settings, action, or comedy in nature, Anita could handle all the characters with ease.

Caption: Anita was very popular in the entertainment circle with many friends, including famous backstage workers, award winning actors and actresses.


2015 Jan 10th issue (Series 2 of 7)             reference: SingTao Saturday Magazine

When to Return


2015 Jan 3rd issue (Series 1 of 7)             reference: SingTao Saturday Magazine

I am on Fire


2014 December              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

A Perfect Closing with Anita Mui
Eddie Lau Returning to his Roots in Hong Kong

Translation to come later......


2014 Dec 30              reference: SingTao Daily Newspaper

In Memory with Tears against the Northern Breeze

A columnist has strung together the names of Anita's songs to express his thoughts of Anita's life and career, and how much she is sadly missed.


2014 Jan 5              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

Anita's Memorial Show: Everybody Cried

Tony Leung Trembled for 2 weeks
Eric Tsang: Anita didn't want to say good-bye
Jackie Cheung: She "Received" this for Sure

There were 24 celebrity friends of Anita who participated in the memorial show organized by Eric Tsang and Jackie Cheung. Tt was the most precious gift given to Anita. It also brought one surprises after another for the audience. This extremely succussful show also had small incidents happening behind the scene. Each one of those incidents did resolve in the end, as if there were some super natural power helping out. In the last scene when the screen showed Anita waving to say good-bye, her voice did not come through. (True that you cannot hear her voice at all.) Eric Tsang actually did not notice. When he was being interviewed by us, he said, "She really did not want to say good-bye to us". The person responsible for producing this show so whole-heartedly was Jackie Cheung and he said " If she has not reincarnated yet , she would have "received" (this gift) for sure".
The names of the performers were never fully listed. There were 3 reasons behind this. This is kind of Anita's style. This time Jacke Cheung and Eric Tsang are giving her a surprise in return. Eric said that when they were young they always did this. "When it was someone's birthday, the close friends all claimed that they would be busy with work or would be out of town. Then an acquaintance would come invite the birthday person out for a movie or for dinner. They would pass by a pub and suggest why don't we go in. Then all the friends are actully inside waiting, giving a surprise to the birthday person. This time we want to have a surprise party to this friend who has left us for 10 years. That's why we try to keep certain things a secret.
The second reason is that we would like the people to come to this show to be here because of Anita. The third reason is that we have promised certain artistes not to disclose their names prior to the show. Ticket sales was not a factor being considered. Eveyone along with the media had to come and watched to see who were participating in this show. Everyone gazed in awe as you hear people gasping "Wow" in the audience."

When the show started, Eric gave an introduction on stage and he started to cry towards the end of his speech. Turned out everyone cried in the back stage during rehearsal. The person who cried the most was Eric, the one who usually had the most laughters. Eric said " The first time I wrote the intro, I cried. This has happened before at the Hong Kong Golden Academy Award Ceremony. That's why I said I have to cry till is dry. Once the tears are all drained out, then I won't cry on stage, but I was still not able to hold back (the tears) in the last 2 sentences. That night as I was watching the show I was afraid to lift my arm. Didn't want the camera to catch me wiping ( my tears ). Nansun Shi (wife of movie director Tsui Hark) was sitting beside me. I guess she knew she did not bring enough tissues. I saw her wiping her tears , and then her nose with a piece of tissue, then put that in her pocket, later took it out to wipe her tears and nose again. When I looked around me, all of them had tears flowing from their eyes and were all sniffling. Jaime Chik (wife of Michael Miu, who played Anita's boyfriend in the TV show "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" from 1983) was crying beyond recognition.

We had two days for rehearsal. The first one who came was Tony Leung. Jackie (Cheung) and I were watching him off the stage. I was very moved, and I said to Jackie that I would cry for sure tomorrow. When I looked at him 'Wow, you are already crying'. Jackie said that based on what I just said, I must be touched as well. Is just that Jackie's tears came out first. Turned out as we watched every performer during his or her rearsal, we cried. Especially Jackie, because these songs were all carefully chosen by him, and were all very meaningful and suitable for the atmosphere for that occasion. We cried freely during rehearsal , hoping to drain out all the tears till they are dry."

This memorial show got very good reviews from everyone. The person who Eric Tsang would like to thank the most is Jacke Cheung. "This has given me the opportunity to get to know Jackie Cheung in a new way. He should take the most credit for the whole show. I have never seen him this way before. The two of us were the ones who said we wanted to put this show together. After our first meeting, I felt that I didn't have to think too much, only need to be the assistant. That's because there was already a blue-print in Jackie's head, and he was not planning on negotiating/discussing this blue-print with others. He was determined to do what he had in mind. At first I did argue with him, but after a while, I didn't bother. I just accommodated with what he wanted to do. That's because this is such a big wish for him. He really wanted to do something, as a gift for Anita. The one thing I did argue with him and won was the issue of whether or not to sell tickets. He did not want to sell the tickets, he wanted to give them all out for free. He said that we have lost a lot of money in doing business (in the past), might as well just chip in money and do a good show, giving out tickets for people to watch. I said is not the money, the problem is how would we know if the people who come to the show are truly Anita's fans. What if her fans want to watch, but cannot contact us to get the tickets. For fans who do want to come to watch the show in memory of Anita, they could (would) line up for 3 days to buy the tickets. Nowadays, people are not going to question if Jackie was doing this show to make money. I told him not to be mindful of this. if we do end up making a profit, we just give it all out as donations . If we lose money, it will be out of the pockets of Jackie and myself. He asked the opinion of many people before deciding on selling tickets."

In order to have the best present for Antia, Jackie paid attention to every bit of detail. Eric said "We have not done the calculation yet. We might lose money. I think we must have gone over-budget because the production cost is very expensive. The orchestra is not the low-budget type. That's because Jackie Cheung wants to present this as a gift to Anita. The music team is the one that Jacke had for his world-wide concert. Jackie looked over everything himself. I asked the producer if Jackie was like this in his world-wide concert. The producer said Jackie used to let them take care of everything. I asked him how come he is like this now. They said they couldn't figure out why Jackie seems to have gone nuts. You can now see the outcome is telling us that everything was done correctly. The songs were carefully chosen by Jackie. Such a small number of songs, the show is so short, but there were so many singers. Jackie seriously discussed with all the singers as to who was to sing which song....."

**** Continue May 11_2014.**

Just like if a singer had chosen a certain song and Jackie felt that another song might be more appropriate, he would spend a long time discussing/explaining to that person. I was only responsible for dialing the phone and said "Hello, I am Eric. We want to do a show in memory of Anita. Jackie wants to talk to you." Then I handed over the phone to Jackie. Let him do the explanation. From choosing the opening song, to who would step onto the stage first, to Anita singing the ending herself, we would only wave our hands, these were all his ideas. The entire show was superb and Jackie should take all the credits. I am very impressed with the precision of the production of this show. I have worked with him in movies before and know that he is a person who keeps his promise. He said one time that he would not do any movies for 4-5 years, so he could focus on his album. So he ended up with this album "Loving you a bit more every day". Eleven of the twelve songs in the album became great hits. He said he would quit drinking. Won't drink prior to his 40th birthday. Then on his 40th birthday, I was with him when he had his first drink. He is a person of great discipline. This time I see the commitment he is making to his friend, very impressive."

Eric Tsang told Mui's Mother Not to Worry

Long Rectangular Box Insert (with picture of Mui's mother and Eric, and also with Jackie Cheung)

Prior to the concert, Eric was super busy in the back-stage, and not yet interviewed by the news media. When he came out (from back-stage), Mui's mother was just walking across the red carpet at that time. That's why it turned out they appeared in front of the media shaking hands, patting each other's back, embracing each other, and also showing Mui's mother handing 2 letters to Eric. Eric said " Those were two letters written my Mui's mother and brother to thank me and Jackie Cheung. Earlier on there were news reports saying that Mui's brother would come to make trouble at this event. He wanted to say that certain media were spreading bad words about him. Since he could not come, he wrote to us to thank us. Actually, I already told Mui's mother that night not to worry. We knew those types of news would not be the focus. Everyone will look at this in a positive way. I told her to sit tight to watch the show. Once she watches, she would know why we are doing this. She was also very happy. Towards the ending part of the show, she stood up and thanked everyone of us on the stage, and waved to thank us."


2014 Jan 1              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Andy Remembers Anita's Funny Moments

Jackie: Anita's Influence Remains the Same after 10 Years

To be translated later.....


2014 Jan 1              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Injured Aaron Kwok withstood Pain to Dance and Sing for Anita

To be translated later.....


2013 Dec 31              reference: SingTao Newspaper

8000 Fans Remembering Diva of Hundred Images
Top Male and Female Singers Paid Tribute to Anita

To be translated later.....


2013 Dec 30              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Jackie Cheung putting in Millions of Dollars
into the Production of Anita's Memorial Show

To be translated later.....


2013 Dec 21              reference: SingTao Weekly Magazine

Jackie Cheung and Eric Tsang Organizing Show for Anita
Brother Kai-Ming Asking for Money

This year is the 10th year anniversary of Anita's passing. Jackie Cheung and Eric Tsang are organizing a concert in memory of her. The day has been set as 30th December, the date of her demise. A group of Anita's friends in the field of performing arts will be there.

The most expensive tickets are being sold at $880 each. The higer-price tickets have already been 80-90% sold in just the first few days. Anita's brother Kai-Ming is expressing dissatisfaction for not being invited. He said he plans on going to the convention centre where the concert will be held, to ask Jackie Cheung what would be done to the money that will be gained from the concert. He complained to our newspaper reporter that there has been no respect for him. He said part of the profit from the concert ought to be given to pay for Mui's mother's living expenses. He was openly greedy for money.

Jackie and Eric held a press conference on December 2nd, announcing the details of the "Anita Mui. 10. Memorial. Tune. Music. Concert". The whole organization process has been quite hasty. It has only been 2 months from the initial concept to doing the coordination work. The most ideal venue, Hunghom Stadium, does not have any available time slot. The best alternative is the Wan-Chai Convention Centre. Since they want to set up a very extravagant stage, Jackie openly said he estimated that there will be a deficit. He and Eric together were already planning on paying for any outstanding expenses to take care of such deficits. However the response was good during internal sales. In the end, there is no need for the two of them to take out any money. After paying for overhead costs, the left over net profit from the ticket sales will be donated to charity organizations.

Jacke Cheung said " I really want to do something for Anita. Feel that I ower her something. The stress level is greater than that of organizing for my own concert."

Eric said that Jackie has personally called up Mui's mother to notify her of this event. Mui's mother, at that time, said she felt comforted/consoled that Jackie Cheung is organizing this memorial concert.
In the past 10 years since Anita's passing, her mother has spent tens of millions of dollars on estate-related lawsuits, and even need to pay for the expenses of the brother Kai-Ming's family of three. Medical expenses were put on debit ( not paid in full), and even relied on financial support from Anita's fans. Somebody seems to have the "eyes" on the money that is meant for charity donation. Talking the mother into complaining to friends that she was only given 2 tickets for the concert, and feeling the lack of respect.
Mui's brother is complaining to our newspaper reporter that Jackie and Eric are not showing respect for Mui's family. He said "Nobody can stop me. I will definitely go ask what's happening to the money. How come is not being given to the family members."

Anita does not get to rest in peace in heaven.

CAPTION Picture of poster top left corner of Page 1. On the poster of this memorial concert, one can see a list of the guests who will attend"
      (BeepBeep's comment: not sure if this is necessarily attending in person, or through video.)
      The $880 and $380 tickets are all sold out after the first week. There is a small number of mid-price tickets remaining. The higher price tickets are seen on the internet asking for prices as high as $2000. The response has just been moderate. (BeepBeep's comment: the moderate response is likely NOT a reflection of how they feel towards Anita, but instead shows people's negative feeling towards this type of sales which is quite disrespectful of the whole event.)

Poster shows these names as some of the guests who will attend:
Andy Lau
Eason Chan
Aaron Kwok
Andy Hui
Sammie Chang
Tony Leung
Carina Lau
Maggie Cheung...

CAPTION Picture of Jackie in middle of Page 1. Jackie Cheung's wife (Law May-May) is Anita's god-sister. He and Anita are very good friends as well. He said "Anita is Hong Kong's daughter. We should do something to commemorate her."

CAPTION Lower left hand corner of page 1: During the press conference, Eric said that the dress code is mainly black and white. "Please do not come in red and green, we will not let you in". Jackie asked viewers not to come with the mindset of watching a show with famous stars. "Won't be singing for the full 3 hours. There will be lots of artistes coming on stage to share."
(BeepBeep's comments: I think Jackie is saying that guests will be "sharing" with the audience the interactions/friendships they had with Anita.)


2013 Nov 3              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

Jackie Cheung and Eric Tsang Taking the Lead
Memorial Concert for Anita will be Brightened up with Stars

To be translated later


2013 Oct 27              reference: MingPao website

It is UNlikely that Wong will Take Over
Eric Tsang said Anita Appointed Him to be President (back in 2003).

To be translated later


2013 Oct 27              reference: MingPao website

Tao will Give Salute to Anita in his Concert

To be translated later


2013 Oct 18              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Rushing to Hand-over Property to New Owner (Developer)
Furniture and Fans' Letters Sent to Recycling Depot
Remaining Set of Anita's Belongings Have Sadly Become Garbage

To be translated later


2013 Oct17              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Eric Tsang Revealed that "Hean" as the Successful Bidder of Calligraphy Piece of Heart Sutra for $440,000 (Gift from Andy Lau to Anita)

To be translated later


2013 Oct13              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

Private Residence Exposed. Personal Belongings Scattered
Remembering Anita with (Sigh of Pity) at Her Residence

(we welcome suggestion of better way to translate this)

NOTE: Traslation here starts with the beginning of MingPao Weekly magazine article. Certain parts are skipped if the information have already been reported and translated in other news articles uploaded here.

October 10th. Still remember 10 years ago today, Anita's friends held a birthday party for her. The media were waiting outside the house to do their reports. Ten years have gone by in a flash. Now the resident is gone leaving an empty suite. I could actually be here doing another news report: the auction of Anita's belongings. Fans discovered that the trophies that represent Anita's accomplishments, the most private item - her bed, precious childhood pictures all have super low base price of $500 HKD (note:some base prices are set higher, this part is a bit misleading). Even the picture used in her funeral is for sale at the auction. The atmosphere here is that of anger, pity, helplessness. Some fans are breaking into tears.

Once you step into the main entrance, there are racks and racks of clothes. Cougar pattern coat, thick wool jackets, familiar looking Jackie Chan car-racing outfit, All-star soccer team uniform. Definitely have seen pictures of her wearing these clothes. How much are they? Three of them together for $500 HKD. A senior fan is pointing at the area where the clothes are being hung. She said Anita had invited some fans over for her birthday part in the past. This is the area with catered buffet-style food laid out for the guests. The living room has a very comfortable sofa. She liked to sit here to watch soccer games. Another fan said May Lau(Jackie Cheung's wife) had said that Anita would be so comfortable at this chair that she would sometimes fall asleep here. PICTURE CAPTION: A senior fan recogized this brown sofa as a Anita's favourite chair. Base price is $500HKD. The cabinet with the 2 china ornaments are placed outside Anita's bedroom: base price $500HKD.

Pictures are Among Items to be Auctioned.
Along the short hallway to the living room, there are lots of pictures and photos along the wall. Even the picture from the funeral is one of the auction items. Fans had heart-felt pain when they saw this. One of them was crying, with her hand lightly stroking down over Anita's face in the picture, with large drops of tears falling onto the ground. Another picture is framed Chinese calligraphy, "Heart Sutra", written by Andy Lau as a gift for Anita. Base price is $500. Never thought a big star's gift to another big star is only worth this price.
The living room has lots of photo albums. Some of them are Anita's childhood pictures, including some taken with Ann, her sister. Some fans were very angry when they saw this. "Childhood pictures should be returned to the elderly. Auctioning off such private items. The Estate Trust Fund is too heartless." They were very sympathetic of what Mui's mother was experiencing. "An elderly person, the daughter has passed away, but she cannot even come into this house. Don't understand how things turn out this way."
Against the wall is a glass cabinet full of Anita's award trophies, platinum albums, including "Bad Girl" of the early days to the Honourary Awards from TVB, representing her spectacular accomplishment over the years. The auction price is $500 for a group of 13 awards. This arrangement is what the fans were most dissatisfied with. "Should be donated to the museum. Let others know how amazing she was in the muisc field, instead of auctioning them off into the hands of different people."

There was a representative from the HSBC Estate Fund Management on site. Mr Ma said "We take action following the wishes as outlined in the will of Anita Mui. We cannot donate her belongings to anybody, would be against the law (to do that). The money from the auction sale will be used for the living expenses of Mui's mother. (Someone asked if any of the items can be retained in memorory of her.) This is not in the will. There is nothing that we can do. (Someone asked if her childhood pictures could be returned to Mui's mother.) She could make that request in writing, but we have not received any such request up until now." What the estate fund management personnel is doing may well be law-abiding, but definitely not sensuous. All those who have come here feel helpless and that this is a greaty pity.
Lots of photo albums, Beckham's T shirt (jersey), many of them were gifts that fans had given to Anita. They were touched that Anita cherished the thoughtfulness that are behind these gifts. One fan held up an album and said that this was a gift she gave Anita. There was also a photo she had taken with Anita. Each fan had to be registered as a buyer (potential buyer) before one could enter Anita's residence. You also need to pay $50,000 HKD from your credit card as a type of deposit-fee. (I think you get the full amount returned to you if you do not end up buying anything.) Some fans' credit limit was not that high, and had to borrow a card from someone in order to get in.

If you go up the stairs beside the front entrance, you will get to Anita's bedroom. Even a lady's most private living space was open for viewing, that's because her bed with 4 pillars was also an auction item. The night-table, lamp, and a coffee table together for $500. Possibly due to lack of maintenance over time, there was a faint damp-rotting smell in the room. The flooring was damaged in the balcony. The wall by the staircase had a large section that was falling apart.

In preparation for the Oct 12th auction that would take place in Central (downtown part of Hong Kong), Anita's residence in Shouson Hill Road has become the last opporunity for fans to memorialize her when the place is open for buyers (potential buyers) for 3 days around the time of her 50th birthday, to view the items that are to be sold off. This building likely will not be around for long. The new owner will take posession at the end of the month. The buyer is the "Kwok" family company (New World Development Company Limited), which will likely tear this down and rebuild at this site. This home that Anita had been living in will soon disappear, just like her song "Lake Reflects Flowers and Moon" (connotation is that a reflection could disappear any time).

The Last Present
BedSpread on Sale at Low Price
Eddie Lau's Heart went into Spasm.

On Anita's 50th birthday, one never thought that would end up being the time that her residence would have an open house for the public to view the auction items. Seeing this, how can one not feel mournful with aching pain in the heart.

Even since Anita passed away 10 years ago, whenever it is her birthday or the anniversary date of her passing, Eddie Lau has always stayed home, quietly remembering Anita. When I phoned Eddie to ask him if he has been reading the news about the auction, he asked me " Did you see her bed? That bedspread, is the last birthday present that I gave her. I put that on the bed myself..."

When Eddie Lau saw the picture of the bed in Anita's house, he could feel spasm in his heart. The image of the days when they used to chat together now becoming so vivid. "When she was sick, she felt really cold. About one month before her birthday, I gave her this cashmere bedspread. She happened to be taking a bath at the time. I just tidied up her bed a little and put this on her bed. It can also be used as a blanket. Is very warm. When she came out and saw the present, she was very happy. She knew that I am quite demanding when it comes to household items. This is a limited edition product. She even asked me how come I was generous to have bought this for her. She was using this through out the time that she was sick. After she passed away, the maid has continued to keep this on the bed. The bed is the most private place. I thought this would have been put away in preparation for the auction. I didn't think they would put this out as is, in the very original form. When I saw it, I could feel the spasm in my heart with pain."

I told him, a lot of people felt heartache when such a big star's belongings are put on display without reservations, and put on sale with such low base prices. Some even felt that the estate trust fund management personnel has not handled this in a sensitive manner. (Eddie:) "Is normal to feel that way. I can understand. We all love Anita Mui, that's why we are touched..... how can it be like this, but there is nothing that can be done. When I saw her bed, even though I could feel pain in my heart, but I quickly told myself, "What do you want the estate trust fund executors do?" We can only look at this from the perspective of 'being understandable'. The trust fund's responsibility is to manage her assets that are left behind and her belongings, and to turn her belongings into assets. They do have have the right to throw away or give away any of these items. That would be against the law. Having an auction is the most objective and fair way of handling this. Step back a little and one can view this as a good opportunity for those those who love her to access and keep her belongings in memory of her.

Eddie had once thought of bidding all her trophies, but he just donated all of his things to the Hong Kong Cultural Museum. If he were to buy all of Anita's trophies, where should he put them. What should he do with them? Then he dropped the idea. "The first time they were auctioning the precious items ( the watch and jewelry auction), I also had the thought of bidding for them, but if I were to do that, does it mean I feel that she had not done enough for me? I firmly believe that if she had wanted to give me those items, she would have either given them to me when she was around, or else stated that in her will. I respect all her decisions as written in her will. Anything that does not belong to me, I will not be going out of my way to get them.

After Anita passed away, Eddie is used to lighting up a candle at 00hr 00min of October 10th every year, to be with her in front of her picture, to remember her in the candle light. This year, however, he lit up the candle at 10:40pm and was busy with the microblog. He started his microblog at the end of November last year. He has been gathering fans for the past year. The purpose is to gather all those who like Anita Mui, so there will be as many people as possible commemorating her on the 10th year anniversary date since her passing and also for her birthday
"To this day, I am still not too experienced with microblogging. In this "Anita Mui 1010 Happy Birthday" microblog, I put together six of these pictures myself. Took many evenings. When I post it, I have to calculate how many words I can have, how many punctuation marks are allowed, and how many friends can be added. In order to get this microblog into the list of "Hot Topics", I had to make sure the posting went up by 11:00pm last night. Those 10 minutes or so was very intense. I usually never ask friends for help, but because of Anita, I was rushing my friends to quickly relay the message." I said you really have done a lot for Anita in the past year. He said " A fan told me last night, that I have earned (triggered) people's 10 years' worth of tears in the past year."
After hanging up the phone, I went onto the microblog and saw that the viewers' count was over 170,000, and relay count was around 10,000. Then I received his WhatsApp, and immediately afterwards his phone call. He was catching his breath, saying "Did you see that... is my birthdate ...". What he sent me was a screen shot of the Microblog "Hot Topic" list, with Anita's microblog up at number 51 on the list. I didn't understand what he was referring to. "51, I was born in 1951. What a coincidence." It was 5pm at the time. The number of viewers went up to 260,000 later, rising to 44th place (in the "Hot Topics" listing).

Blessings Spread Across 35 Places (the blue rectangular box with picture of Ms. So wearing a watch and also a big banner, plus Anita's red outfit).

Anita's fans held 50th Birthday Party for her in different places. The Anita Mui International Fan Club had a dinner gathering at the Kowloon Shangrila Hotel. The Fan Club's President wore a watch which she bought from last year's auction for $120,000 HKD. When asked if she felt that it was a pity to see Anita's belongings being sold for such low prices. She said "Looking at it from a positive perspective, when the price is lower, everyone can (afford to) have her belongings to remember her by. Tonight we are putting on display two outfits that Anita wore in the 2002 concert. Fans got this from the January auction this year. The price is 4 or 5 times higher than the base price, about $60,000 HKD."
Another group of Mui Fans "Mui Nation" held an outdoor concert at Star Avenue. It attracted over a hundred spectators. They previously passed a banner across 34 different places in mainland China, asking fans to sign on it. The last destination is Hong Kong.
Tonight they have this gift for Anita with blessings from all her fans.

Denise Ho: can live up to the status of being Anita's student

As Anita's most favourite student, and also as the student who loves Anita the most, Denise has always visited Lantau Island every year for the past 9 years, to pay respect to Anita on the anniversary date of her passing. (Anita has a memorial plaque in the temple there).
"Actually, remembering C-Fu (teacher) is not limited to the anniversary date, what's more important is to extend her spirit (as in her attitude etc) into our everyday life."
Today she has been busy with the preparation of her concert. She has only read the headlines in the newspaper, but never carefully read the details of the reportings or the pictures. How does she feel about the auction sale of all her teacher's belongings. "These types of things are not within our control, and cannot be avoided. Even though I feel it is a real pity, but I consider these as just physical materialistic items. What's truly important is her voice, her brotherhood/comradeship spirit. These are the most important things to stay forever in our hearts. I believe those who bid on her belongings are also people who love her, and will preserve and save those items."

C-Fu has left for 10 years, Denise Ho has chosen to commemorate her through albums and concerts. "Seems like it is fate. The master tape just arrived at 0:00hrs today on Oct 10th. This is the best birthday present I can give to C-Fu." Denise said that this album was very difficult to make. That's because all the songs chosen were those of Anita's. "To me that's very challenging. Is difficult to cross that psychological barrier. I have to live up to the role of being Anita's student (disciple) and have my own way of commemorating her, but those who have never experienced this type of sentiments would never understand. They may look at this in a negative way. They would say this and that. All these years, I have been bearing this internal struggle. I have been worrying about this during the entire process of making the album. The stress level is 100 times that of making an album with all new songs, because there will always be people who would make a direct comparison."
******* CONTINUE translation from last week ******
The CD cover is a drawing of her and her C-Fu (Anita). In Denise's microblog, she wrote:"This CD only has my voice in it, but the songs comprise of spirit from two people, that's why I feel that image on the CD cover should not be just me. Time did not stop at the moment that you left us 10 years ago. Your spirit is forever with us. Let art work carves out a memoir. Together we commemorate a legend. The legacy lives on."

In the past she has always avoided singing C-Fu's songs in public. "I have been avoiding it, but now I have to overcome this (psychological) barrier, overcome the fear, not pay attention to what other people say any more. I do things according to what my heart desires. My team members and I have really put in our best efforts in expressing our thoughts for Mui-Jei. The outcome is joyous. The general feedback is very positive."

She and grand-master Eddie Lau has each been busy with work related to Anita. They also work together for Antita. In Denise's upcoming concert, the non-separable love of these 3 generations of masters/disciples shall carry on.
** NOTE ** According to another article (not yet translated), Denise has spent a 6-digit figure on hiring a famous artist, Dru Blair, to do a drawing of her and Anita for the CD cover named "Recollections".


2013 Oct13              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Calling for Friends in the Field to Help Preserve Dignity of Diva
Eric Tsang Gathered a Million Dollars and Grabbed 67 Award Trophies

To be translated later


2013 Oct12              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Mui's Mother in Tears
Cannot Withstand Her Beloved Daughter's Belongings Be Scattered
Anita's Good Friend Taking out 7-digit Dollar Amount
Determined to Fight for a Hundred Precious Items

Yesterday was the last day of open house at Anita's residence. The open house allowed visitors to preview the auction items. There was a notice up in the building,
telling residents that a particular unit would have visitors. It also specified the date and time of the open house display as well as the auction event itself. There were
loyal Taiwanese fans yesterday forming a tour group to come and visit. They will also attend the auction tomorrow. They all feel that it is such a pity, especially the awards
which represent accreditation of her life time effort. It doesn't make sense for them to be auctioned off.

Fans Seeing Precious Photos for the First Time

Besides the awards, fans discovered boxes of photo albums, the majority of them were the gifts that were given to Anita from her fans. They also found a set of official photos taken when Anita attended a "Benz" event, with a Thank You Certificate, something the fans have never seen before. Reporters found a photo of Michael, the male character who appeared in the TV commercial with Anita (Tudors watch). Anita always had lots of friends, and
left behind lots of private photos taken with her good friends as well as her students. (Friends) such as Alan Tam, Jackie Cheung, students such as Andy Hui, Grasshoppers etc. These private photos have become auction items. There is supposed to be an artiste who has set aside a 7-digit dollar amount for bidding at the auction event, and through the help of another individual, hoping to buy over a hundred items that are of sentimental value. (translation to continue next week)


2013 Oct11              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Birthday Will Become Day of Auction Clearance.
Soccer Ball (full of love from fans) with Beckham's Autograph to be Sold Off
Heart-felt Pain and Anger Among Fans for Cheap Sale of Anita's Belongings

(translation to continue next week.)


2013 Oct10              reference:

Flower Fallen for 10 Years. Mui's Fragrance Remains Forever. (Interview with Ben Lam on Anita's 50th Birthday)

(translation to continue next week.)


2013 Sept 22              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine (Candian Ed)

Eddie Lau's journey in Taiwan was Full of Surprises with "sudden attacks" from So and Denise Ho.

(I will start off with translating a section at the end of this article.)
Eddie went to Taiwan for promotion of his autobiography. He was interviewed by a senior radio host "Wong Joe-Shou" at one of the radio stations there, and this turned out to be very memorable for Eddie. Wong played Anita's "Bedside Moonlight" to go with Eddie's book entitled "Looking up at the Moon". He also played "Moon Represents My Heart" that Anita sang at one of the gatherings with her fans. Later Wong played the same song sung by Leslie. Eddie was just thinking why Wong was having such strong feelings towards Anita? Wong then explained that back in the 80's he was a young new reporter just starting off his career. He was sent to Hong Kong to interview Leslie Cheung at a press conference in Regent Hotel. He introduced himself as a reporter from Taipei who made a special trip to HK for the event. However, Leslie was surrounded by people and did not get around to talk to Wong. He only managed to interview "Lui-Fong" and Jackie Cheung, who were both new singers at that time. Wong could not complete his mission, and was quite depressed as he was getting prepared to leave the conference site. Just as he turned around, someone gave him a pat on the shoulder. "You are from Taipei?" He looked up and saw Anita, who was already very popular and famous at the time from her hit song "Bad Girl".
"Have you eaten yet? Let's go get something to eat?" They sat down in a coffee shop and chatted as they ate, and completed an exclusive interview.
Wong has deep impression of this and said: " From that day onward, I became a very good reporter. I don't know how to show my gratitude towards her. In my heart, there is only ONE BIG STAR in Hong Kong. That's Anita Mui".
(Will go back to translating the beginning part of this article after translation is done for the auction event.)


2013 Sept 20              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Who knows about their teacher-student relationship?

Anita once said that she had not fulfilled much of her responsibility as the teacher for Patrick Tam, and felt a bit guilty about this. Yet, Anita had actually done a fair bit for this second student of hers, just that nobody took note of it. May be put it differently, was anyone willing to take note of it. The simplest question: how many of you know that these two had sung a song together? The name of the song is "Lonesome Person in the Country-side (or Foreign Country). Music written by Lam (Mun-Yee) and lyrics by Poon (Yuen-Leung). The song can be found in Patrick Tam's 1990 album "Late Night True Sentiments". To be honest, something is wrong with the music, where the melody does not flow very well. Does not leave an impression after listening to it, no wonder the audience has never taken much note of it.
Continue from last week.......
Another question: Does anyone know Anita spoke within one of Patrick's song?
The song is also in the same album "Late Night True Sentiments". There is a fast song named " You are Sinful ". In the last 10 seconds before the end of the song, Anita spoke as the 'Bad Girl' in the song, "You say I am sinful? If I weren't bad, you think you would fall for me? Yes, I am Bad Girl, I'm Bad Girl, Come on Baby...Ha Ha Ha". The laughter at the end was the same as that found in Anita's 1989 hit song "Lady". This "Bad Girl" can be considered as the continuation of "Lady". The teacher doing a "wicked laugh" in her student's song. The thoughtfulness and caring relationship shown here goes without saying.
During the "Captial Artist" era, Patrick was a bit lost. He joined another company afterwards and found his goal/direction.(Sorry, I don't know the English name of this company.) The 1996 album "What is Lacking" is one which you will never get tired of listening to. At least I took note of it.


2013 Sept 1              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

Debbie Ng's Formula for Top Quality Show
Set up One Person One Vote for Anita Mui

The writer of this article was in the audience, sitting high up towards the back during the 1985-1986 Anita Mui Concert. There were two items that left deep impressions in his mind: the huge glass ball in the middle of the stage and also the last song "Walking Down My Lonesome Path". One subconsciously would feel that this girl had fought so hard for her career, and her love life had not been smooth either. One would leave the show feeling touched and the need to take special care of this girl. The writer spoke to Joe Chan, who worked closely with Debbie Ng, the producer for Anita's concert. "That's what's so amazing about Debbie. Besides planning the full rundown, the points of highlights, she would even try to set up what type of mood would the audience be having as they were leaving the show. At that time Anita kept on saying she felt lonely. When she sang "Walk Down My Lonesome Path", the audience would be drawn into that mood." The lyrics "Path is my own path, when I am lonely, the shadow that is beside me, is dancing in the song.." seemed to echo in our ears. "

.... Continue translation from last week...
Caption 1 (page 2 top left): As the glass ball lifted up from stage, Anita came out to sing "Keeping you this evening". The sparkling stones on her dress along with the glass ball allowed her to "display her shine".
Caption 2 (page 2 centre): On a four-sided stage, Anita followed all the instrucitons from Debbie, allowing the lightings to show the best effects.
Caption 3 (page 2 bottom): Accompanied by the effects of laser beams, Anita played the drums and then sang "Dream Partner".
Caption 4 (page 3 top right): Shows were added again and again, to a total of 15. Anita's rehearsal schedule: started off early in the morning with 6 hours of singing, followed by 4 hours of dance practice. To avoid (voice) fatigue, the company "Capital Artist" ordered her not to talk before the concert, unless absolutely necessary to do so .
Caption 5 (page 3 top right): There was a dialogue that Anita had, which Capital Artist had no prior knowledge of. "I know there are some people who have come to see how I am going to die (fail)...but I won't fail in front of these people". Anita claimed that there were such people out there. "I will hang on, so those who want to see me fail will surely be disappointed".
Caption 6 (page 3 bottom): There were good reviews for the dance arrangement with Leung. In the 1987 concert, he appeared in the advertisement, performed Tango dance with Anita.
.... Continue translation from last week...
Anita had her concert between 1985 and 1986. What Debbie (producer) had the deepest impression of was that the "bad girl" was actually very obedient. "At that time, most of us did not have much experience with a four-sided stage. The singer could have trouble telling which side is facing what direction, but Anita was very obedient. She totally followed my instructions as to where she should be walking and how she should be positioning herself. That's the way to get the most out the lighting effects. Nowadays, the singers all say they want freedom, and won't listen to you. Sure, that 's easier (on the singer), but sometimes you need to pay the price (the price of losing the freedom), to get the best effect in the concert.
Debbie's usual strategy was to listen to all the songs, and then carefully plan the rundown. For this concert, she had a very strong voice of disagreement from Lai regarding where to place the song "Time Passes Like Water". I wanted to put it a little bit earlier. "Walk Down My Lonesome Path" to go in the Encore section. Lai, however, wanted to put "Time Passes Like Water" almost to the end. Debbie thought of a "one-person-one-vote" democratic way to resolve this. She recorded one rundown following her way of ordering the songs, and one that followed Lai's suggestion. Let Anita, So (Anita's manager at the time), Eddie Lau etc to all listen to the 2 different versions. Lai said Debbie was crazy for locking up everyone for several hours. Debbie, on the other hand, wanted to prove that she was not a dictator. Just let everyone vote.
Outcome of the vote was to use Debbie's rundown. The effect was clearly seen by all the people. Not only did "Walk Down my Lonesome Path" make everyone felt like lingering behind at the end of the concert, even Anita, who was usually bold and strong, could not with-hold her tears. She told MingPao Weekly Magazine in one of her interviews: "One stream of tears rolled down (my face) on the first night, but I quickly wiped it off, so probably not too many people would have seen this."(END of translation. Only parts related to Anita have been translated).


2011 Dec 18              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

Practiced (Singing) in Cantonese in Memory of Mui
Matchy Broke the Rule for Hong Kong Artistes

To be translated later.


2011 Oct 16              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

(Pictures) Sealed for 8 years and Revealed Exclusively
Met with Her Most Beloved in Japan before Her Demise
Last Evening of Mui with Matchy

To be translated later.


2011 Oct 16              reference: Sing (East) Magazine

Already into the Past     But Would not Let Go
(Author gives constructive criticism and advice to Mui's brother)

To be translated later.


2011 Oct 16              reference: Sing (East) Magazine

Anita Likes Japanese Stars the Most
(Reporters visit the Residence of Mui's Mother)

To be translated later.


2011 Oct 12              reference: MingPao Newspaper

Denise Ho Remembering Her "C-Fu" (teacher) Mui in her Stage Play Performance

Matchy Misses Mui's Singing

To be translated later.


2011 Oct 11              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Mui's Mother and Brother Not Allowed to Enter Anita's Ex-residence
Mui's brother offering $100,000 reward to catch "thieves"

To be translated later.


2011 October 6th              reference: SingTao Newspaper

Mui's 43 Pieces of Jewellery Collection Sold at Auction for $6,800,000

Mui's brother called out in a loud voice, declaring them as "Stolen Goods"

Caption 1 (top left): Mui's brother showed up, opposing the auction sale of Anita's jewellery collection.
Caption 2 (top centre): "Anita Mui Jewellery and Watch Collection" auction sale was held yesterday, successfully sold off 43 items.
Caption 3 (top right): "Numerous fans participated in the bidding, and succeeded in obtaining 10 items, worth about one million dollars total.

The Sotheby's held the special "Anita Mui Jewellery and Watch Collection" auction at The (Hong Kong) Convention Centre yesterday, 43 jewellery items and watches were successfully sold for a total of $6,800,000 dollars. The item sold off for the highest price was the Gianmaria Buccellati pearl and daimond necklace and earring set she wore in the 2003 "Anita Mui Classic Golden Hits Concert", which was her last concert.
That jewellery set was sold at the price of $1,580,000, doubled the appraised price of $700,000. Another necklace and earring set, which she wore at the banquet when Princess Diana visited Hong Kong, was sold at $980,000.

(Members of) The Fan Club Bought 10 Precious Items

Numerous Mui's fans attended and bidded on their idol's collection. The chairwoman of the Fan Club, Miss So, participated in the bidding along with other fans. She obtained a Jacob & Co watch for $110,000, and admitted that she would not be wearing it, but having it as a memorial keepsake. Members of the Fan Club successfully bidded on over 10 items, worth a total of about $1 million. Mui's godson obtained a Cartier watch for $60,000. This was a gift that he gave Anita years ago.

October 10th is Anita's birthday. The Fan Club will be holding Memorial Activities at a hotel. The jewellery items that some members had successfully bidded on might be put on display at that time. Miss So said "Over the years, the Fan Club has been holding charity events to collect money for building schools, to carry through with Anita's wishes. In December this year, "Anita Mui Second Elementary School" will be built (rebuilt) in GuangXi. GuangXi was chosen because that's Anita's ancestral province." Another fan, Winnie, obtained a set of necklace and ring. She felt that (these items) made her feel as if she was having contact with Anita. She also knew that numerous fans from the Mainland have made a special trip to Hong Kong to attend the auction and the birthday memorial events.

Mui's brother Showed Up and Opposed the Auction Event

He called out loud, claiming the items being sold are "stolen goods". He said they were all originally stored in the safety box, but the items in Anita's house were "stolen" over a period of 7 days some time after Anita's demise. He said he has already reported to the police to handle the case. He is suing about 10 people who were in close contact with Anita. He is opposed to the auction because he said all the items are very valuable, and should not be "cheaply" sold this way. This is upsetting to Mui's mother as well. When pointed out that the auction was held only because the Estate Trust Fund does not have enough money, he said "We are used to being poor. Anita had an honourable life. These items allow us to remember her. This is only part of the collection. Several hundred items have gone missing." He said there will be memorial events on October 10th, at her old residence (where Anita used to live); prior to that, there will be a ceremony outside HSBC bank.
(BeepBeep's comments: Words from Mui's brother have remained the same....... full of rubbish and non-sense.)

The Top Ten Most Expensive Items with the Prices they were Sold At


2011 October 2nd              reference: MingPao Weekly Magazine

Eric So Talked about Anita during his Interview

Mui Jei

The "New Talents" brothers and sisters keep in contact with each other. "Sadly, we have been to numerous funerals in the last few years. We saw each other in those places." The most sorrowful one, of course, was big sister Anita Mui. "For most of the year before Mui Jei's passing, I was by her side, because she saw me growing up. She was really caring for me. I divorced in 2003. At that time, everything I did was wrong. Mui Jei was with me everyday. Even though I don't watch ball games, I went with her to see Beckham. She does not tell others when she helped people. She would just do it. She had a concert tour that she ended up not able to do. The contract was already signed with the mainland entertainment company. She was ill, but had the belief that she would surely recover. She asked the manager Marianne to have me as the guest. Nobody else, only want Eric So. Ten shows. Somebody reminded her that approval (from government) might not come through. He (Eric) just had this incident in Taiwan. (Eric So was ordered to go into a rehabilitation centre after he was arrested for possession of some soft drugs in Taiwan.) She said 'I don't care. If you want Anita Mui, you have got to take Eric So as well.' She also set an outrageous price for me. I was not worth it. Even though we did not end up going on that concert tour, but I will always remember what she had done for me."

He spoke out on one of Anita's secret. "Anita's safe. Rumour is that the safe had lots of cash and jewellery. She actually used it to store a card that Beckham wrote to her. My safe is used to lock up the bracelet (religious yellow/brown beads-like bracelet) that she gave me, and also the cards that she wrote to me."
There is this one card that was written as : "I stand by you forever."
Written in 2003 Sept 24th, Eric So's birthday. Anita Mui passed away in December that year.


2011 July 19th              reference: MingPao Newspaper

Mui's Mother Protesting Against Verdict of Her Final Appeal over Anita's Estate

Anita's mother is dissatisfied with the verdict from the Final Court of Appeal regarding Anita's estate. Yesterday, she was protesting in Central (the downtown business district in Hong Kong) by putting up a banner, broadcasting loudly with an amplifier, and handing out pamphlets. Her son was also there to support her. Mui's mother said that once this whole thing is over with (whatever that means, I am not sure), she would put out a book for Anita, from the time she got her award until now. There would be lots of contents, divided into 2 volumes. The writing part has already begun. "


2011 July 12th       (by Diana Lee and Natalie Wong)      reference: THE STANDARD (a very popular English Newspaper in Hong Kong)

Stars who Played Their Part

The late Cantopop diva Anita Mui Yim-fong and filmmaker Alan Tang Kwong-wing were among those who selflessly gave their time and money to help save mainland student leaders after the June 4, 1989, crackdown. In his memoirs, Szeto Wah describes Tang as a loyal and righteous person while Mui was generous in giving her time as well as her money. According to Szeto's sister Szeto Sim, Tang personally contacted activists involved in Operation Yellowbird and offered unconditional help in rescuing people.........Director and actor Tang, who died of a stroke in March, aged 64, had denied his involvement when his name was first mentioned in 2009 by Chan Tat-ching, who led the operation.

There had also been speculation Mui was involved in the operation and the memoirs confirm this. Szeto Wah described Mui's death as "a sad loss of a comrade."

The diva died of cancer in 2003. She was just 40. Mui hosted a concert in Canada to raise money for the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, which Szeto led, but her deteriorating health prevented more such shows.(BeepBeep's comments: this last part is not correct. Anita was not sick back in 1989 or 1990. The concerts did not continue for some other reasons according to Chinese paper reporting below).

According to the memoirs, Mui repeatedly refused to host concerts (her own concerts) in the mainland as she was totally against the crackdown.
"It should have been a golden opportunity for her to get money if she wanted," Szeto Sim said. "But she had her beliefs and was not shaken by fame or fortune. That was why she was unique."

2011 July 12th             reference: SingTao Newspaper

Contents of English Article above is very similar to the Chinese newspaper clip below

2011 June 19th              reference: MingPao Newspaper

Mui's Mother Has Not Paid Her Lawyers
Applications Made (by her creditors) for Her Bankruptcy Declaration

The law firm, which represented Anita's mother in her legal fight for Anita's estate, has just won their own lawsuit against Anita's mother who has not paid the $2.24 million dollar service fees for the lawyers. Two days ago, the law firm has also applied for bankruptcy declaration for the 87-year-old mother. A lawyer pointed out that if such a bankrupty declaration is made, then part of the $150,000 monthly allowance (could be mistake here---- might be $120,000 montly allowance instead of $150,000) will need to be used to pay her debt first, with the remaining be used to pay for household expenditures for her and her family and has to be an amount within reason."


2011 May 27th              reference: MingPao Newspaper

Court of Final Appeal Asking Involved Parties to spare Mui's Mother
from Paying their Legal Fees
Respecting Anita's Wish (for Stable/Comfortable Living for Mother)

Singer Anita Mui has passed away for over 7 years, the mother has been in legal battle since 2004, trying to fight for Anita's estate funds.... She has lost twice already ............. and yesterday has just lost her final appeal. However, the Court of Final Appeal has asked affected parties to respect Anita's wish for her mother to lead a stable/comfortable life. (The Final Appeal Court) hopes the estate management company would not try to get Anita's mother to pay for their legal fees, to avoid putting her in a financial crisis situation.

(BeepBeep's Personal opinion: I find this to be totally amazing. In other cases with similar circumstances where one party is essentially starting a legal battle for no good reason, that person would need to be held accountable and pay the legal fees for the affected parties. I believe it is entirely due to the general public's respect for Anita, that the Court would make such an unusual announcement. If Anita had not been such a good model citizen in terms of her kind heartedness and great contribution to society with her charity work and her righteous spirit, thus earn respect and recognition from so many people, including the judicial staff in Court as seen here, such an announcement would not have been made.)


2011 May 10th              reference: MingPao Newspaper

Mui's Mother Lost Final Appeal but Not Giving Up
Struggled through Legal Battle for 7 years over Estate Funds

Singer Anita Mui has passed away for over 7 years, the mother has been in legal battle since 2004, trying to fight for Anita's estate funds that is worth over $100 million (Hong Kong) dollars. She has lost twice already in trial and in appeal court, and yesterday has just lost her final appeal. The case that has gone on for several years is finally coming to an end. Anita's mother is still not giving up as she said: "Still working on other things (other options/strageties)."


2010 December 31st             reference:SingTao Newspaper

Passed Away for Seven Years      Forever Missed
Anita's Fans are Building a School to Extend Her Kind-Heartedness


2010 December 30th             reference:SingTao Newspaper

Mui's Mother Has Lost for the Third Time in
Her Fight for Ownership of Two Real Estate Properties

Almost missed this piece of news, reported on Dec 30th, 2010. (verdict was out on Dec 29th)

The Judge has ruled that Mui's mother and brother cannot claim ownership to Anita's real estate property in Happy Valley or her residence on Shouson Hill Road. The Judge feels that Anita had her will written out in great detail. If she had wanted to give these properties to the two family members, she would have asked the lawyer to make such arrangements, instead of putting them into the Estate Trust Fund.

(To be translated in more detail later)


2010 December 8th             reference:SingTao Newspaper

Denying That Anita was His Secret Admirer
Andy Reproached Her for Hiding the Condition of Her Illness

Not translating word for word, but only translate the general meaning, and also only for parts that relate to Anita.

This interview was conducted in early December for the TVB pay-channel. He talked about all the things he went through in the 30 years that he has been in show business. He also talked about his true friendship with Anita Mui. Regarding the rumour from years ago that Anita was his secret admirer, Andy said he and Anita were true friends who knew each other back when they were not that famous. Anita was very disturbed by (or felt upset about) the false reporting. He said the two of them actually knew about each other's love affair very well, and had served as the love-affair-consultant for each other.

However, Andy still reproached Anita for not disclosing the condition of her illness. He felt that she did not understand/realize what he was going through (his sentiments and emotions), as a really good friend of hers. At the same time, Andy also reproached himself for not having the time to frequently ask about her health condition. This still bothers him to this day.


2010 October             reference:SingTao Newspaper

Promoting Idol's Strong Ever-Lasting Spirit
Mui's Fan Star-Chasing Ambition

Looking back to December 30th of 2003, the outbreak of the SARS disease had been diminished, and the grief that clouded over Hong Kong for the most part of the year was just starting to break away as well. Then suddenly came the shocking news of Anita's demise. That day, all Chinese music lovers from around the world, their hearts were all broken. What remained was Anita's powerful will to combat her illness, and the fans remembrance of this super star. Seven years since that time, the Mui fans are still here. Patrick, an administrative member of Mui Nation, has taken action to promote Anita's very positive/pro-active life philosophy to others.

An Astounding Move at the First Encounter

For Anita's fans, October and December are the two months with special sentiments. That's because her birthday and date of her passing are in these two months. Patrick and other fans will be sharing their memories of their idol at the Tuen Mun Plaza (Oct 2010). There is a big Anita Mui Exhibition. On display would be albums, posters, and the costumes that she had previously worn in movies. As someone born in the 70's of the previous century, Patrick witnessed the joy and sorrow of Anita's performing career. "My mother also likes Anita Mui, always buying her albums. I was influenced by her (my mother) since I was a child, and became a fan. Mom took me to Anita's concerts as well." This little fan could appreciate Anita's singing talents and her images on stage. "However, I never took part in chasing after the stars when I was young. It was only after I entered university that I joined the fan club, and got to know the other fans. At that time, I would go see her at airports, and attended the birthday parties organized by the fan club." Speaking of birthday parties, Patrick once took an astounding move. "At that time, each fan went on stage to give a present to Anita. I just joined the fan club and did not know the rules. When it was my turn, I said to her 'Can I embrace you and have a picture taken.' She was a bit surprised/shocked at the request, but still agreed to it." So I had this intimate picture taken under the screaming sound from the crowd."

Patrick's Favourite Albums and Movie

"BAD GIRL" (1985)
The extraordinary image that Eddie Lau custom-made for Anita, along with the daring lyrics of the title song 'Bad Girl', it was once banned by radio stations. "This is my favourite among all the albums from the early period. There are so many hit songs in there, knowing each one of them very well." Besides the title song "Bad Girl","Dream Partner" and "Walking Down My Lonesome Road" were all very popular."

"WITH" (2002)
"This recording was from the later period. Mui Jei sang with many different singers, gave rise to various chemical reactions, and broke through many limitations held by the different record companies." Looking at all the singers in the album, each one of them is a big star, including Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam, Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Faye Wong etc. Is a type of album that had never been made before.

"ROUGE" (1988)
Anita and "Gor-Gor"(Leslie Cheung) performed in the movie "Rouge", bringing her a lot of filming awards, including Best Actress in both "Taiwan Golden Horse Award" and "Hong Kong Movie Award". Is her signature (representative) performance. "I have seen this movie many times. Like Mui Jei's performance very much. The story itself is sad yet beautiful."

Fans born after the 90's are reviewing the historical events

From Patrick's observation over the years, fans are typically scared to get too close to Anita. "She was a big star. Fans were often respectfully scared of her. Not dare to get too close. Yet she actually really loved her fans." Anita had been in the show business since she was a young child. She started to perform on stage to make a living back when she was only 4 years old, sacrificing the precious opportunity of studying in school. (She did go to school but with very little time to study each day after class.) "That's why she was extremely happy when I graduated from University and I took the gown over to have a picture taken with her at the place where she had her singing practices. We made the "V"(victory) hand gesture together in the picture". Patrick said that the best example of Anita's love for her fans was the way she insisted on completing the series of "Anita Mui Classic Concerts" even in the latter part of her illness."Anita had a real professional spirit. She insisted on filming the commercials, performed well in the concert, all because she wanted to leave beautiful memories for her fans."

The idol has passed away for 7 years, and Patrick has regained strength after recovering from grief and sorrow. He and some other members of the fan club have formed 'Mui Nation'. "The Fan Club is for holding gatherings among fans. 'Mui Nation' focuses on letting people know what Anita had done in the past based on her perseverance and determination, allowing her strong, ever-lasting spirit to carry on.

'Mui Nation' had held numerous memorial events over the years, including the 'Anita Mui Up-bringing Pathway Memorial Exhibition' at the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour-side Star Avenue in 2007, the year the organization was formed. In the last few years, events were held in schools and the wax museum. "Right now, Anita's fans are not lacking those from the young generation. When a charity function was held at a school one time, it was actually the school attended by one of the young fans. There was a TV Series about Anita's life story produced in mainland China. After that, when we held a memorial exhibition in Shanghai, there were some post 90's fans (born after 1990) joining in. They all wanted to know more about the things that Anita had done and all the events that had happened around her." In the heart of Anita's fans, she is not only a diva of a hundred images. Her status will never change, an irreplaceable super star.


2010 June              reference:Weekly Magazine from SingTao

Anita's Red Long Dress from 2003 Concert was Re-made
for a Museum Exhibition in 2010

This article refers to a special exhibition that was held at the Hong Kong Historical Museum earlier this year in 2010. There were about 280 long dresses from different time periods on display, including those from the Ching dynasty and all the way through till the modern times.

Blanc de Chine participated and they contributed 12 dresses. One is from Michelle Yeoh. Another dress is one that they re-made especially for this occasion. It is a red long-dress that is identical to the one they previously made for Anita when she performed in her 2003 concert.


2010 January             reference:SingTao Newspaper

"Grasshoppers" Giving Award to Anita Mui

(I will just translate the general meaning, rather than translate word for word.)

At the Jade Solid Gold Top 10 award ceremony, the Grasshoppers were given a Leaping Across the Stage Award. They were singing some songs from the "Polygram era". The three of them have worked together for 25 years. Besides thanking their fans, they also thanked 3 women: their first manager Shuik Fun Chan, their current manager San-San Lam, the third is their C-fu Anita Mui. They said that years ago, they had already given their very first New Artist Award to Anita. Before she "left", they said they had promised not to do anything that would disgrace her. "This award belongs to Anita Mui. Ah Mui, this award is for you." The MC, Eric Tsang, was in tears in front of everyone, remembering Anita.


2010 January             reference:Ming Pao Weekly Magazine

Matchy Talking about Past Sentiments
"Cannot Forget Anita"


2009 December              reference:MingPao Weekly Magazine

Building School in Guangxi. Fans Fulfilling Anita's Wish

December 30th would be the sixth year anniversary of Anita's passing. At this time every year, the Anita Mui International Fan Club will hold memorial activities. This year there will also be an additional meaningful program, which is to build a school. Ever since 1999 when Anita visited Yuannan, she had this one wish. That is to build a school in Guangxi, helping out the children in the city where her ancestors came from. This wish shall be fulfilled by her fans.

CAPTION of top picture:
That year when Anita visited Kuming, she met a bunch of kids in poverty. Anita was most touched when the children sang a song for her.

CAPTION to second picture from top:
On that visit, Anita brought many boxes of pencils, notebooks, erasers, and pencil sharpeners as gifts for the children in poverty in the mountainous areas. Now her wish can be fulfilled.

CAPTION to lower picture:
Chairlady of the Anita Mui International Fan Club, Miss So, will go to the mainland for site inspection, planning to build a school in Anita's name next year (2010).

For the body of the article, only the key sentences or ideas in each paragraph have been translated.

In 1999, Anita followed the Oxfam group to visit the farmers and their families who were living in poverty, in the city of Kuming, in the province of Yuannan. The chairlady of the Fan Club, Miss So, also went along with her. She said that was a tough trip. The site was in the mountainous area. Had to get up early as well. After seeing those children, Anita thought of building a school in her ancestral city Guangxi. There was pouring rain during the three-day visit. Anita got entirely soaking wet. Both feet were in the mud, but she did not mind at all.

Preparing $300,000 to build a school
The Anita Mui International Fan Club will donate the funding for building a school. The plan can be carried out next year (2010) at the earliest. Miss So said: "This is Anita's wish. We are indeed in the thought-process. Wait till after (December) 30th, after the memorial activities are completed, we will go for a site-inspection. Building a school there would require about $200,000 to $300,000 (probably HKD or CNY). The Anita Mui International Fan Club has some money, with additional donations from the Anita Mui True Heart (Four Seas One Heart) Charity Foundation, there should be enough money."

Actually, over the years, Anita had fostered (donated money to help raise) 30 children of different ethnicity. Anita had said before "Getting Christmas cards from all those children every year. They are of all different races: black, white, yellow." One can see Anita paid much attention to the up-bringing of young children.

Anthony Lun's piano sound in remembrance of Anita
On Dec 29th Mui Nation will hold Mui Music Show Charity Night, showing Anita's Mui Music Concert from 2001. Anthony Lun will attend this event, playing the piano in remembrance of his good friend Anita.

Dec 30th Anita Mui International Fan Club will hold an event in Central, "Only because of you 2009 Memorial Night", free for all to attend. During that afternoon, the fan club will also go to the Temple (the one in Kowloon city) to pay respect to Anita.